A Paperless Office Makes a Healthier Planet

April 22, 2021
By Lisa Cornwell

While more businesses strive to go green by recycling and by cranking up the thermostat so it’s warm enough to feel your fingers, it’s time we take a closer look at the environmental benefits of going paperless. 

Go into the supply closet in any office and you’ll find reams and reams of printer paper lining the shelves and stacked in cases on the floor. So many cases that if you didn’t need all that paper, you would have room for a pinball machine, or a nap pod or dance battle arena. 


Let’s look at how much of this paper is used and wasted each year:



Why is using paper such a big deal? Can’t we just recycle it? 


According to one source, “Pulp and paper is the third-largest industrial polluter to air, water and land in both Canada and the United States.” Each year millions of trees are cut down to make paper, greatly contributing to deforestation and an increase in harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. More greenhouse gas means a warmer planet, which equals a cantankerous Mother Earth. 

The time to do something about this is right now (before Mom cuts us out of the will)!

At Documo, we provide paperless office software that will not only help you run a more sustainable business but will cut costs, save time and create efficient workflows. By using mSign, our electronic signature service, along with mFax, our fully digital faxing service, you’ll minimize paper use, increase productivity and streamline your workflow. 

Saying you’ll save a boatload of money sounds great, but you might be saying, “Just how big of a boat are we talking about?” Every year, $25-35 billion is spent in the U.S. on filing, storing, and retrieving paper.* One study cites the average small business spends between $1000-$5000 on paper every year!** So depending upon the size of your business, your savings is somewhere between a cruise ship and yacht.

Since our digital solutions are accessible from your computer and can even be monitored and managed on any mobile device, going paperless offers an equal advantage, regardless of whether you’re in an office building, working from home or on the go. 

You no longer have to be tethered to a clunky fax machine that wastes paper and electricity, and winds up in a landfill when it stops working. mFax allows you to receive and fax documents from an easy-to-use dashboard on your computer and store them digitally. And since mSign makes it possible to sign documents remotely, we’ve totally eliminated the need to print and file papers manually.

The benefits of going paperless are overwhelming, but even if you’re sold on the procedural efficiencies, cost savings and environmental benefits of going paperless, some companies, such as medical offices, wonder about safety and compliance. To be sure, Documo has created the safest way to send sensitive documents. When documents are signed online using mSign, they are sent and stored digitally, which means sensitive documents are easy to locate and never fall into the wrong hands. 

Built to satisfy the most stringent security requirements, mFax has been designed with user authentication, encrypted document exchange and advanced perimeter defense. In plain English, this means it’s really safe. And to address compliance concerns, we’re happy to announce that mFax is a HIPAA compliant fax system, so medical offices now have the chance to safely transition to a paperless system.


Doing the right thing also happens to be really easy.


Perhaps you’re convinced that going paperless would be a dream come true, but as you stare at your 20 overstuffed file cabinets and consider your antiquated processes, the idea of switching feels impossible. Take a deep breath because we’ve got you covered! Since mSign and mFax were specifically designed with an intuitive interface, they’re simple to learn and extremely easy to use. Of course, if you need any personalized assistance, our in-house customer service team is here to help you transition from the dark ages into the digital world. 

Our favorite thing is when everybody wins, and in the case of going paperless, you get to do your part for the planet while turning your business into a lean, clean, digital machine. And since Mama Earth just wants to keep you alive, she won’t even mind if you’re digitizing your business for business-y reasons. She’s great like that. 





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