White label

Offer best-in-market eSignature to your end users

Advantages of mSign white label

Partner with mSign by Documo for a premium white label electronic signature solution that carries only your company's branding. Our robust eSignature product includes a range of features designed for enterprise applications. Give your users the ability to securely sign and deliver legally-binding eSignatures compliant with regulated industry standards.

Rapid deployment

Implementing a customized and branded best-in-class eSignature platform is hassle-free and easy to do. Equip your users with a fully-branded white label eSignature product in a matter of just days.

True white label

Our white label eSignature solution gives you the power to offer your clients secure, reliable, and legally-binding eSignature services under your own brand. No “powered by” or co-branding trade-offs. mSign does all the work in the background giving you the freedom to deliver an outstanding and in-demand service to your customers without all the hassle and maintenance of building it yourself.

Developer-friendly API

Integrating our white label digital signing program into your existing software is simple. Our developer-friendly API includes instructions for a variety of common programming languages, making integration seamless and simple.

Features of white label eSignature

mSign’s white label eSignature product includes a robust feature set and an intuitive user experience suitable for practically any use case

Fully branded interface

mSign’s white label electronic signature product gives you all the features of mSign, but displays only your company’s branding. User authentication, intrusion detection, regulatory compliance, audit trails, enhanced security, and ease-of-use over multiple devices set our white label program apart from other digital signature options.

Multiple sub-accounts and billing structures

Administrative features allow you to create multiple sub-accounts and provide a range of billing structures, giving you more control over your users’ experience. Plus, regulating sub-accounts ensures you always know who has access to the program and how they’re using it, providing you a clear audit trail of user actions.

Effortless reporting and user management

mSign white label gives you complete access to a host of reports and tools that give you all the insights you need. User management is simple and intuitive. Our powerful set of user management tools gives you complete control over your white label digital signing solution.

Fully compliant for all regulated industries

The mSign white label eSignature service meets or exceeds regulations for any industry including healthcare, finance, insurance, legal, and government services. Give users the ability to get legally-binding signatures on all their digital documents for billing, records, contracts, and more.

Easy to connect to billing systems

By connecting our white label eSignature service to your billing system, you can quickly associate sales quotes, contracts, and bills with billable accounts to make tracking customers and vendors effortless.

White label FAQs

Still have questions about our white label eSignature product? Check out the FAQs below or contact us to learn more.

  • What is white label eSignature?

    White label eSignature enables you to offer a fully-branded digital signing solution to your customers using mSign’s robust feature set. Users won’t see any “powered by” or secondary branding anywhere on the platform. You get all the benefits of creating a powerful and secure digital signing solution without any of the headaches and hassles. mSign does all the work behind the scenes.

  • Who uses white label eSignature?

    The white label eSignature program lets your clients send documents for digital signatures to anyone, whether they have an account or not. mSign works on any platform and any device - from tablets to phones, laptops, and PCs. Obtaining legally-binding signatures has never been faster or easier. With high-end security meeting or exceeding all regulatory standards, mSign is suitable for industries ranging from healthcare to legal, accounting, insurance, and government services.