mSign eSignature API

mSign’s robust API allows you to fully integrate digital signatures into your existing apps and workflows

Take charge of your digital signing capabilities

Integrate the mSign digital signing solution into any existing software your business is already using, including billing, records, accounting, and more. Our digital signature API is developer-friendly, easy to integrate, and ready for quick deployment.

What is an eSignature API?

API (application programming interface) allows you to merge the mSign eSignature solution with your existing software programs. Employees save time by requesting digital signatures and maintaining documents directly from their office management system or other software. Our mSign API includes everything you need to bring the power of digital signatures to your business workflows.

How do I set up the mSign API?

First, determine if API integration is included in your mSign plan. If so, visit our API documentation page to see detailed instructions on how to implement mSign into your business systems. We have instructions in several programming languages including Ruby, PHP, and Python. These instructions can be used to integrate mSign with practically any in-house or third-party software.

mSign's API

Easy integration

With mSign's robust API, you have the power to integrate digital signatures into all your existing software and workflows. Boost the usefulness of your document handling software with the addition of a secure esignature API.

Powerful features

Request secure and legally-binding eSignatures from anyone with an email address. Manage user access and permissions. Regulation-compliant audit trails and security features. Best-in-class customer support and documentation.

Developer-friendly API

Using the simple instructions and examples in our API docs, you can quickly integrate mSign into just about any program. Check out our API docs.

API access starts at $199/month

100 free documents included.


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eSignature API FAQs

Integrating the mSign eSignature API gives you the power to obtain legally-binding digital signatures using your existing software solutions. Have more questions about our API? Check out the FAQ below or get in touch with an expert.

  • Is your eSignature API HIPAA compliant?

    If you work in the medical field, you must adhere strictly to the requirements of HIPAA for keeping patient information private and secure. Every aspect of PHI falls under these regulatory requirements. All products from Documo are designed to meet these stringent guidelines, including our mSign API. You can obtain binding signatures on patient consent forms, acknowledgments, referrals and more, all meeting or exceeding HIPAA and other regulatory requirements right from your office's EMR/EHR system or other document handling software.

  • What programming languages are used with your digital signature API?

    Our electronic signature API has instructions in several programming languages to make integration into almost any software simple and straightforward. Programming languages included in our API documents are Node.js, cURL, Ruby, Python, and PHP.

  • What programs can connect to the mSign API?

    mSign has the ability to integrate with just about any program you already use. With instructions in a variety of programming languages, our API allows you to implement eSignatures within popular EMR/EHR systems, office management applications, and document workflow solutions. Feel free to contact us with any compatibility questions and we’d be happy to help

  • How much does the mSign API cost?

    mSign offers a variety of plans depending on your business’s specific needs. Check out our pricing page for more information and additional details. API is available on business tier plans and above.