HIPAA-compliant eSignatures

Simple and intuitive processes to gather legally-binding and HIPAA-compliant eSignature for healthcare

What is HIPAA compliant eSignature?

HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) establishes rules to keep patient information secure and private. Three aspects of HIPAA govern data protection.

Breach notification rule

Patients, HHS secretary, and the media must receive notification of any breach of protected health information

Privacy rule

Patients cannot be identifiable by their health information

Security rule

Creates guidelines for national electronic health record information protection

While HIPAA does not address esignatures, it does require providers and any other handlers of patient information to protect the data from unauthorized viewing.

Ensuring HIPAA compliance

To ensure HIPAA compliance of eSignatures under the Privacy Rule, an electronic signature must be acceptable and valid under the law. To meet the requirements for a legally binding signature, the eSignature must meet the rules under the ESIGN Act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) and UETA (Uniform Electronic Transfers Act).

mSign exceeds all HIPAA data protection rules and all ESIGN and UETA requirements. So you can rest assured that all your important documents are secure and legally-binding.

HIPAA eSignature requirements and security

To meet HIPAA, ESIGN, & UETA requirements, electronically signed documents must have the following components:

  • Cannot allow for document tampering after signing
  • Indicates the terms and intent of the signer while letting the signatory choose a printed or emailed copy
  • Uses some means of user authentication for all parties in the transaction
  • Includes a timestamp, chain of custody, and audit trail to prevent repudiation from the signer
  • Evidence supporting the ownership of the eSignature should remain on the same document held only by the covered entity

mSign for HIPAA Compliant eSignature

mSign meets all the requirements for HIPAA-compliant eSignatures, ensuring your medical practice or other healthcare business can maintain secure electronic records legally. We ensure your electronically signed documents remain protected and the information on them secure while verifying users and creating complete audit trails.

Smart workflows

You can integrate our HIPAA-compliant esignature solution into your other workflow software using our robust API. Your team can work faster without ever having to exit their existing document handling programs with a fully integrated digital signature solution.

Document and team management

mSign’s powerful administrative tools make it easy for you to take control over who has signing permissions and document viewing abilities, giving you peace of mind knowing your eSignature solution is secure and protects patient privacy.

Secure audit trails

Audit trails are an integral part of HIPAA-compliant eSignature programs. mSign’s extensive audit trail features enable you to trace signed documents and ensure that only authorized users access and sign them.

Tier-1 customer support and onboarding

With mSign, you’ll get tier-1 onboarding and customer support to answer all your questions and assist in setting up your electronic signature solution.

Meets all compliance standards for regulated industries

In addition to HIPAA compliance, mSign also meets the guidelines for legally binding signatures for other regulated industries such as finance, government, law, and others.

Top-notch security and user access controls

A robust set of admin features gives you the ability to determine access controls and permissions for every user. Plus, our enterprise-grade security ensures authentication of all users to meet HIPAA Security and Privacy rules.

Healthcare use cases

New patient forms

Save time and give patients the flexibility to fill out and sign new patient, consent, and release forms before getting to your office

HIPAA forms

Easily create and manage HIPAA-compliant templates and obtain secure digital signatures

Staff credentials

Get your staff onboarded faster with an all-digital document and signing solution

Patient paperwork

Provide a seamless and all-digital document experience for your patients throughout the entire patient journey

HIPAA compliant eSignature FAQs

  • Are eSignatures HIPAA compliant?

    eSignatures are HIPAA compliant when they are created and maintained in a secure and private environment, contain a complete audit trail, and are legally-binding based on ESIGN and UETA requirements. mSign eSignatures meet or exceed all these requirements.

  • Is HIPAA eSignature safe for highly sensitive documents?

    By meeting requirements for HIPAA, mSign is safe for use even with highly sensitive documents. User authentication and document encryption protect the information from unauthorized access.

  • How does HIPAA eSignature relate to security?

    HIPAA compliant electronic signatures ensure that the only parties to see the information and sign are those allowed to see the information. Therefore, patient health information remains secure and protected.

  • Do I need to send a HIPAA cover page for eSignature?

    When sending an electronic document via digital fax, you should include a cover page to keep the information private. If using a cover sheet for any document, do not include any protected health information on the cover sheet.

  • What types of healthcare entities use HIPAA compliant eSignature?

    Many healthcare entities are covered parties that may require HIPAA compliant electronic signatures. Hospitals, clinics, specialists, providers, insurers, and any others in the industry must meet the requirements for protecting patient information and for legally binding digital signatures.