White label eSignature for MSPs and resellers

Earn more while giving your users access to the most simple and secure digital signature solution

Several paths to profitability

Earn more from existing deals

Just about every business has a need for a comprehensive digital signing solution

Easy passive income

Earn $10k per year or more on a purely passive product. No maintenance, no troubleshooting, and no support nightmares

Profitable recurring SaaS model

Build out a profitable SaaS model with your business by delivering more in-demand products that clients love

A massive and growing market

$14.1 billion

Projected size of eSignature market by 2026


Estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR)


Average total savings when businesses migrate to eSignatures

A simple and intuitive digital signing solution that saves time and money and increases productivity - pretty much a no brainer for most businesses!

Become a Partner

A white label solution

True white label

100% branded. No “powered by” or co-branding tradeoffs. mFax works in the background as your true white label partner

Rapid deployment

Get up and running in just days, not weeks or months

Great margins

We offer competitive discounted rates to our white label partners to help make your offerings both valuable to your end users and profitable for your business

Integrate eSignatures into your website or apps

Our developer-friendly RESTful API can be easily integrated into your existing software using a variety of programming languages.

Monthly per user fee


Certified documents included

10 per user

Additional certified documents

$0.30 each

Set up fee


Personalized branding & custom domain


Personalized branding & custom domain


API access


Monthly per user fee


White label FAQs

  • How much can I earn?

    Earning potential is practically infinite. Businesses everywhere are switching to digital signing solutions, and that means a lot of opportunities for you. Earnings vary depending on the size of your user base and the types of businesses and industries you serve.

  • I already sell mFax, do I have to pay another set up fee?

    No way! We love our existing partners and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell any of our products. We’ll completely waive the set up fee for all existing Documo resellers.

  • Is the mSign white label program right for my business?

    Short answer - probably yes. eSignature is a massive and expanding market, and almost every type of business is in need of a simple, secure, and reliable solution. And we’ve designed mSign to be exactly that. So adding mSign to your existing offerings can open up opportunities with more businesses and lets you earn more from the deals you’re already closing.

  • What is white label?

    White label is our software with your company's branding on it. Documo white label partners receive our product without any of our standard labeling or logos. You are in complete control of your users’ experience.

  • How do white label eSignature work?

    You get a completely unbranded and fully customizable eSignature product. Your white label solution has all the features available with our retail mSign digital signature product. Your customers only see your branding, logo, and domain. They never know Documo is powering the product behind the scenes.